Investing in crypto during huge inflation in 2022

Why crypto is still perfect investment in 2022? Crypto market during huge inflation and dropping price of business giants.

Investing in crypto during huge inflation in 2022

Almost all regions in the world experience huge inflation in Q1 of 2022 because of post-Covid time and war in Ukraine. Many companies loose their market positions after having to end their partnerships with countries under sanctions or lacking product supply and investments.

There is a tendency of people trying to secure their money and withdrawing their investments due to the dropping price of their shares. All these actions lead to the chain of dropping price of some companies. Usually only small and medium businesses feel the most pain of crisis, however, in current situation there are a lot of huge companies suffering from this crisis.

Why crypto is still perfect investment in 2022?

Similarly to the end of 2019 and 2020 when world experienced problems because of the Covid-19, crypto proved to be a good investment by not only being stable, but also multiplying holding of investors. The main reason why crypto is raising – while huge amount of companies stopped their processes, investors needed to find a sphere, which were still doing well. Obviously, these sphere included IT and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects. During the last 2 years world got familiar with such unicorns as Bolt, Wolt, Stripe, Miro as well as crypto market reached its ATH.

Current situation in the world is pretty similar to what we were experiencing during Covid-19. Moreover, some payment gateways stopped operating in some regions, which will add demand on crypto currencies. Crypto becomes the only payment provider for some businesses.

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Yes, crypto is still a perfect investment with bright future.

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